Imagine your home or business connected to San Francisco’s history in a fashionable way.  When a guest or client enters the room, your style says who you are without a word being spoken. Our artistic designs invite conversation around California’s complicated past, the vibrancy of the Bay Area and connective power of art.  The intrigue is only deepened knowing that our designs are also made from one of the most iconic man-made structures in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge.  Everyone will take in the elegant details and feel the history emanating from your one-of-a-kind piece.  While you are able to enjoy the look, feel, and function of your personal design on a daily basis, sharing the story of your contribution in preserving a piece of history makes ownership all the more satisfying.

Strands of History has now extended our handcrafted fabrication skills to unparalleled pieces of art that you can set a glass on.  Our functional craftsmanship incorporates the original suspender ropes from the Golden Gate Bridge, which was opened in 1936.  Each repurposed piece of steel highlights history in its authenticated, custom design.  These stunning pieces of furniture are created to be an instant heirloom, with timeless style that your future self, and heirs, will thank you for.

Custom designed pieces can also be created in any length for architectural applications such as: section dividers in restaurants, bars, and other public spaces, bar rails, foot rails, shelving supports, lighting fixtures, entry and wall artwork, staircase balusters, benches, mantle pieces, corbels, entrance door handles, stairway handrails, and more. The fine craftsmanship that goes into these custom pieces reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Contact us with your wild ideas or project’s detailed specifications.  Together we’ll make them into reality, telling a story in your home or business that no one can replicate.

We’re excited to hear your concepts; send them along and we will quickly return a custom design proposal.

Things to Keep in Mind

While these Golden Gate Bridge original suspender ropes can be fabricated into many decorative and functional custom designs, Strands of History

requires that a licensed certified building design professional, a licensed engineer, or a licensed architect is consulted prior to incorporation into any building design feature.  Our team will partner with the project architect, general contractor, and/or building committee to realize the expectations of our clients.

Establishment of a project budget is critical to assist all parties with decision-making. We will partner with you to stay on budget and commit to provide a high-quality product, fine craftsmanship, and professional service.  Down payments are not refundable once work on the project has started.  While we strive for on-time delivery, quality of execution and craftsmanship are our primary concerns.

Useful Dimensions

Length: Single pieces up to 11 feet (pieces can be joined together with appropriately designed connections)
Diameter: 2 11/16 inches
Weight: 1 pound/inch