They say that experiences are more valuable than material gifts.  We would agree…spending time with the people we care about, making memories and creating history tops the list of ways to mark an occasion.  There are events and occasions though, where we want to do both.  We want to attend the retirement party, college graduation, or business recognition event and we don’t want to do that empty-handed.

Certain big-life events like weddings, retirements, graduations, and decade-marking birthdays call for extra thought in gift selection.  It’s not just that we hope the gift will be appreciated; we also want the gift to communicate connection.  Our desire is a memento that tells a story of how much we care, every time the receiver picks it up.

Strands of History’s handcrafted mementos, made from the original Golden Gate suspender ropes, are just that gift.  These uniquely crafted pieces of Bay Area history will be passed down through generations.  You will be gifting a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, family heirloom.  And, the pictures truly do not “give them justice.”  Something about the legitimate strands made from the original Golden Gate Bridge, draw you to pick up the piece and then…you can’t stop yourself from smiling, realizing you are holding history in your hands!

Mementos are available in two standard sizes; 4 inches or 12 inches long, with custom lengths available by request.  The 4″ pieces are the ideal size for many individuals, businesses, and organizations who want to have a beautiful and unforgettable memento of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.  The impressive 12″ pieces show nearly an entire helical turn of the rope’s lay.  These larger mementos are the perfect choice for those who want to present a magnificent gift to family members or business colleagues.

All mementos are banded with stainless steel. Three rope finishes are available: painted with the Bridge’s famous International Orange (code P) with high polished stainless steel bands, a weathered International Orange finish (code W), or the unpainted, natural look of the raw galvanized steel rope (code R) both with brushed stainless steel bands.  A brushed aluminum medallion is attached by a lead seal embossed with the initials “GG” to each piece to certify the authenticity of the suspender ropes’ origin.  Each memento is shipped with a custom-milled red oak display stand with a brushed aluminum label carrying the Strands of History logo and a description of the memento.

This gift tells a story of California history.  It provides a connection of past, present, and future because the current receiver is certain to hand down the memento to future generations. This elegant, timeless piece of art and history will connect giver and receiver and in the gift giving, create a forever, experience making moment!

Our Commitment

Strands of History commits to create thoughtfully designed and skillfully fabricated products with a sense of permanence, in keeping with the Golden Gate Bridge’s legacy. Because we want this commitment to be tangible in other meaningful ways, Strands of History donates 5% of pre-tax sales to the Exploratorium (located at Pier 15 in San Francisco) to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education for Bay Area students. Visit the Exploratorium at