It’s high time we introduced ourselves. We are the Fox Family, the new owners of Strands of History.

Mike, the husband, father, and man generally made of metal, is a welder by trade and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. He runs his own Fox Welding Iron Designs welding company in North Lake Tahoe. While specializing in structural and ornamental work, he recently expanded his skills with forging. The man can make almost anything, but his passion is knives.

When Bob and Mary decided to retire (for the second time), Mike made the steel bases for the cable pieces. Bob mentioned to Mike that he and Mary were ready to move on, build a sailboat, and set off for some adventure. Mike saw an opportunity and agreed to buy the business.

He brought it home to me – wife, mother, and woman who generally wishes she had eight arms. I supported his ideas based on his passion and saw my opportunity to lend a helping hand with the website and computer side of things. And so, Strands of History became a family-run business.

While Mike bands, cuts, and polishes the pieces in his shop, I finish them with paint at home. However, when toddlers are involved, paint needs sharing. So, our kids were invited to the table to “help.” They received their cable piece to glob international orange all over. Now, SOH is, in fact, an entirely family-run business.

As a family, we care deeply about history and the advances of science, which is what drew us into the physical cable piece. It’s history we can hold. Furthermore, we are dedicated road trippers in a camper van and find being a part of travel history fun. But most of all, we look forward to carrying on a legacy carved out by Bob and Mary.

A big thanks goes out to all who came before us. We have our heads raised high to the future.