Details and accents of our Golden Gate Bridge mementos, made from original Golden Gate Bridge suspender ropes©Strands of History

More Than a Gift

They say that experiences are more valuable than material gifts.  We would agree…spending time with the people we care about, making memories and creating history tops the list of ways to mark an occasion.  There are events and occasions though, where we want to do both.  We want to attend the retirement party, college graduation, or business recognition event and we don’t want to do that empty-handed.
©Strands of History

Strands of History Beginning

In 2016, Bob and Mary Zimmerman joined Strands of History, LLC with long-time friend and business partner, Tom Piatkowski. Tom, Bob’s good friend of 40+ years, casually mentioned he had a second business selling mementos made from the original Golden Gate Bridge suspension cables or, suspender ropes. (He had acquired all the remaining 11-foot pieces of the original Golden Gate Bridge suspender ropes in 2006.)  After hearing the intriguing story, they all discussed the many cool things that could be made from these artifacts, which quickly led to a partnership. Unfortunately, about eight months later Tom unexpectedly passed. Naturally, Bob and Mary continued the business to build on the shared vision. First order of business was hammering out fabrication equipment, machinery and what practical art they would craft from historical suspender ropes saved from one of the most famous bridges in the world.
©Strands of History

Our Custom Fabrication = Your Wildest Dreams!

Imagine your home or business connected to San Francisco’s history in a fashionable way.  When a guest or client enters the room, your style says who you are without a word being spoken. Our artistic designs invite conversation around California’s complicated past, the vibrancy of the Bay Area and connective power of art.  The intrigue is only deepened knowing that our designs are also made from one of the most iconic man-made structures in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge.  Everyone will take in the elegant details and feel the history emanating from your one-of-a-kind piece.  While you are able to enjoy the look, feel, and function of your personal design on a daily basis, sharing the story of your contribution in preserving a piece of history makes ownership all the more satisfying.