Unique mementos made from original Golden Gate Bridge suspender ropes©Strands of History

When is a Wire Rope a Cable?

Outside of the engineering world, most people probably have never heard the term "wire rope." After perfecting the skill of making ropes in ancient times, it went virtually unaltered for nearly 2000 years. In the 19th-century, hemp ropes and iron chains were for hoisting; the disadvantage was the proverbial weak link. The mining sector required that ropes be made longer, and stronger by drawing iron into thin rods or "wire." Eventually, steel replaced iron as the preferred building material. The next step was to introduce multi-layer strands made of steel.


Many people thought it couldn’t be done; it was impossible to build a bridge that would span over a mile-wide strait of turbulent, churning waves whipped up from the Pacific Ocean. Dreams and ingenuity have a way of overcoming fears and doubts however, and the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge speaks to such an accomplishment.
©Strands of History

Art You Can Rest Your Drinking Glass On

Tables create spaces that bring us together. They start off being functional pieces of furniture to place objects on and then become something more when we “family and friend” around them. Whether you are gathering for a meal, pausing over a cup of tea, or relaxing with a glass of wine, a table is the focal point of a room and serves as sacred space in your home. Even end tables or side tables that aren’t front and center, still become the first place we stop when coming home. We empty our arms of “stuff” and let the table catch the burdens of the day.