Fox Family, The New Owners

It’s high time we introduced ourselves. We are the Fox Family, the new owners of Strands of History. Mike, the husband, father, and man generally made of metal, is a welder by trade and has over 20 years of experience in the industry.…
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How We Turn the Original Golden Gate Bridge Suspender Ropes into Souvenirs, Art, and Furniture

At trade shows and craft fairs, we get so many questions asking how we fabricate our furniture, artwork, and the 4-inch and 12-inch memento pieces made from the original suspender ropes from the Golden Gate Bridge. We thought describing the process would be the perfect blog subject. So, this is how we do it!

Lunch by a Landmark Part II: Engineering & Art

Many people travel to California so that they can experience the grandeur of the Bay Area's scenic geography, human-made wonders, or to immerse in the unique San Francisco social scene. As there are so many options to consider, we're presenting them in a series; this is Part 2, Engineering and Art. So, grab a backpack, some non-disposable water bottles (and an extra layer) and head out to a few unique locations, rich in culture, beauty, and history. Please note that we are not compensated in any way to advocate these locations.