Historic Steel From The Golden Gate Bridge

Fabricated by
Strands of History

When you think of San Francisco, what comes to mind? It’s a magical place with a colorful history made by ordinary people with big dreams. Anyone who has ever lived or visited San Francisco views the Golden Gate Bridge as iconic and representative of their time in the City.

You can now have that piece of the City, no matter where you live. Strands of History makes unique San Francisco-themed gifts and mementos from the original Golden Gate Bridge suspender ropes. These sections of Golden Gate Bridge steel weigh a pound an inch! When you hold these sections of suspender rope, you can’t help but be impressed and mesmerized by the polished 229 individual pieces of wire arranged in a unique pattern only associated with the original design of the Bridge.

Want something even more impressive? Check out our steel table bases, industrial-style lighting, and architectural accents, perfect for home or office decor.

We were thrilled to have our designs featured in My Modern Met, Colossal, and DeMilked.

We can scale our designs for function or location. Strands of History can also cut these authentic pieces of Golden Gate Bridge suspender ropes to any length up to 11 feet. See our Shop page for details.


What We Offer

Custom design furniture and fabrication - Strands of History

Custom Furniture and Fabrication

You are proud of your ties to San Francisco, and you’re ready to upgrade your home or office. It’s time to invest in decor that speaks to your accomplishments and further aspirations. For you, we’ve created designs that range from contemporary to modern industrial. The craftsmanship complements the original Golden Gate Bridge suspender ropes. What something even more special? Strands of History can produce architectural pieces or commissioned art based on your specifications to make a powerful statement in your work or living space.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Mementos


Do you miss the Golden Gate Bridge but not the traffic? You can now have a personal view of the Golden Gate Bridge without having to find parking! After each design project, the remaining portion of the suspender rope is made into 4 or 12-inch sections (longer lengths available), offered in three finishes:

  • Painted
  • Antique patina
  • Rustic steel

Each piece of the original Golden Gate Bridge suspender rope comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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